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We're like merlin, but with moving pictures.

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MARABIGO is a full service creative production studio at the conceptual edge of new storytelling space.

We find our inspiration at the place where traditional narrative form enters the new digital environment, creating unique media experiences. As a blend between an artists’ workshop and a traditional production house, we bring diverse, creative minds together to weave stories from ideas, and content from concepts. Our team consists of creative innovators with a variety of artistic disciplines - we are home to both a core team of storytellers, and an extended network of talented artists. Our passions lie in the twists and turns, in the magic between the shadows and the light. We find our greatest inspiration when we walk to the edge, and lean over.



Marabigo The Transpermutable was the stage name of Henry Leggingham, an illusionist and showman who made his debut at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, where he distributed large posters to passengers of the towering 300 foot Ferris Wheel. He famously accelerated the ride to twenty-four rotations per minute, generating an astonishing spectacle of animated images. Nearby, an infuriated Edward Muybridge was charging ten cents a head for the world’s first motion picture show, his theater’s entrance now obscured by a 300 foot moving cartoon of Muybridge kissing a horse...

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